Seduction is a Must…

Seduce.  Lure.  Captivate.

Lace : red lipstick with pearls on black lace

These words speak volumes as writers, readers, agents and publishers in seducing to read past the query, the synopsis, the blurb, the first three chapters to the very last page.

It all starts with our writing.  The seduction of our heroes and heroines.  Showing versus telling.  Three dimensional and not two dimensional.  It is our responsibility to make sure we don’t submit prematurely, selling out the love of our hero and heroine from receiving that happily-ever-after to making it to the shelves to captivate readers.  I have invited Ines Saint, Crimson Romance Author, to share how she has made that happily-ever-after happen for her heroes and heroines.

(Kay) Ines, you are an author of two very captivating, heart-felt books, ‘Strangers in the Night’ and ‘Charmed’, how would you describe your muse and your relationship with her?

(Ines) Hi Kay!  First of all, thank you so much for your kind words and for inviting me over.  Hipwaders vs Heels is a very cool place to be and I’m always happy to chat with a friend.

I’ve come to think of my muse as a sort of trance I’m very happy to fall into, where ideas flow and time fades away. I love being there… but my relationship with my muse is often rocky and unstable. I never know when I’ll be taken away like that. There are days when it’s a struggle to write 300 words, and there are days when getting 4,000 words down is a breeze and pure bliss. Most days fall somewhere in between the trance and the struggle.

(Kay) You’re welcome, Ines! Which brings me to my next question 🙂 Tonight my friend left wine at the door…my heroine thanked her profusely, afraid my muse was going to create some really awkward hot scenes…what helps your muse when your hero & heroine first meet, the first kiss, getting through the black moment to happily ever after when it’s difficult?

I’m stuck on the fact that a friend left wine at your door…I love that! How sweet. Strangely enough, I’ve never sipped wine while writing, but now I just have to try it.

I’m always inspired by music, and I enjoy all kinds, so that really helps. Sometimes, it’s a subtle, seductive love song from the forties that helps me feel how my hero and heroine are falling in love, sometimes it’s a really sappy ballad from the seventies they I imagine one of them skulking to, and other times it’s a fun, meaningless eighties pop number that shows me the way. And then there’s vanilla tea. I drink plenty of it while writing. It’s really calming.

(Kay) You are so right…music does wonders for the writing, Ines.

In writing a happily-ever-after, or any kind of book, there is more following that final edit and save…for some it’s the hardest parts — query letters, coming up with the perfect blurb on the back of the book cover to the synopsis. Which did your muse find the most challenging and how did she, or you, get through it?

(Ines) I think my muse finds each of those equally challenging and frustrating because she always abandons me when it’s time to summarize. Writing the synopsis makes me want to pull my hair out! The only way for me to get through it is to keep plugging away at them, and to accept I’m probably never going to be 100% happy with the blurb.

(Kay) If you could give one suggestion how to seduce a publisher on each of the following: query letters, blurbs & synopsis to a new writer starting out…what would it be?

(Ines) You know, I usually don’t think I have advise to give to writers, but thinking on your question, I realize I’ve learned a few things. With query letters, I’d advise new writers to make sure their voice comes through in the summary, and to be be polite and professional. I’d tell them to pinpoint what makes their hook different and to incorporate it into their blurb (no easy to task for me), and I’d tell them to work on their synopsis as they’re writing their book. Jot down the important plot points and the little moments that stand out. I’m doing this now with my work in progress and it’s giving me a framework for the dreaded synopsis.

Thank you, Ines, for a wonderful interview.  Our talks are always fun and upbeat, just like your blog at   I can’t wait until your next book comes out, especially, after hearing hints of what is to come.

Readers, Ines Saint is a writer who lures, captivates and seduces in a sweet way, resembling ‘The Hallmark’ channel.

I would love to hear from readers, writers, agents and publishers on what seduces, captivates and lures them to investing in a book.

Have a wonderful day!


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