She’s a sinner, but he isn’t a saint…Come into the world of ‘Eden’s Sin’

Please welcome Jennifer Jakes, historical author and Golden Heart Nominated…


…and Kindle #1 Best Selling (proud of that one)

You should be 🙂 Congratulations, Jennifer! Okay lol as a coffee lover, who isn’t human and can’t function until that first bold taste literally fires up my bloodstream, what do you crave to start the day?

Oh, I am so with you on that! I have to have a Mega-cup of coffee…maybe 2…before I can actually think clearly. But I might be known to take even more drastic steps. I might have had coffee with an espresso shot and then a Mtn. Dew. Of course that could be a vicious rumor. Probably not though. LOL

My upcoming character, Fate, has control issues over lives — courteous of my muse. Where does your muse like to take your creativity?

Wherever she darn well pleases! Recently my Muse and I have been locked in battle. For months (!!!) the Muse and I have disagreed over a plot. Not just a plot point, but the whole plot L I’ve tried sweet talking her, trying to get her to tell me about this story I wanted to write. But until I admitted defeat and let her tell me how the plot WOULD go (not could go) she was silent. So the pages I’d sweated blood over had to be scrapped. It was a rough learning experience for me, but my Muse is one tough er, um, (yes, I really want to call her a bad name but she listens to everything) woman.

lol I feel the same when it comes to my laptop these days. My muse is the temptress when it comes to writing. She pulls me where she wants to go. Are you a pantser or a plotter?

I am a plantser. I have a main plot idea, I know the black moment (for the most part) and a few things that will happen. Then I like to just start writing and let the story come to me. (If my Muse allows it, that is. See comment above.)

Every HEA (happily-ever-after) has a beginning, where do you get your ideas?

Usually mine is just a “spark” of something I see or hear. It can be a picture or just a very broad “what if” kind of thing. Then I start running all kinds of twists and turns about that scenario through my mind until I get “that feeling” (and if you write you know what I mean)…. then I go from there.

I can definitely relate! What heat level and chaos does your muse prefer to create for Major Sinclair Bradford and Eden Gabriellei, who is tempted to break her own rules, in your new release, ‘Eden’s Sin’?


My Muse prefers sensual heat. Think dim lights, cool sheets, and a hot hero. Or candle light, a warm bath, and a hot hero….Hmmm, I detect at pattern here. LOL
Chaos is almost always external circumstances testing the convictions and “rules” my characters live their lives by. They are forced to choose and the choice
always means they might lose what they want most. I don’t like – and thankfully neither does my Muse – plots where the Hero and Heroine actually break up over the black moment, to then find each other again. I had some publishers turn down my first book because I didn’t have them separate. But I feel like there’s enough of that in the real world and I’m writing happy endings, so I can write it how I want. LOL Oh, there’s doubt as to whether they can beat the obstacles against them, but they “hang tough” together.

Maggie Monroe and Rafe McBride, who rides into town for supplies and leaves with more than he bargains for, in ‘Rafe’s Redemption’?


The Muse was feeling more naughty with Rafe and Maggie. I still love the bath tub scene. Oh, who am I kidding…….I still love Rafe. He will probably always be my favorite hero. He’s like my “first love” since Rafe was my debut novel. LOL Chaos: I like how torn Rafe is. He is truly the “tortured” hero. So if that’s the kind of hero you like reading about….

Isabella Douglas and her husband, Captain Ian Douglas, who can’t remember being married to Isabella, yet, has erotic memories in ‘Twice in a Lifetime’?


This is the story that would NOT leave me alone! By that I mean, it’s not my usual genre but every time I would try to gather thoughts for a western, this little story (it’s a 20,000 word novella) keep jumping into my mind. It literally “bugged” me until I wrote it. Well, I guess that was my Muse. She must have really liked this story. LOL Maybe it was her naughty side coming out. This one is more sexually graphic — Ian is one lusty, sexy pirate! *wink*
But this story was like a 2 yr old tugging on my leg: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy….” So I finally just said, “OK, I’ll write you.”

‘Rafe’s Redemption’ has two very hot covers. Can you give other authors and readers some insight on why covers are changed with books?

As I said earlier, Rafe was my debut novel. When I sold to a publisher, they wanted it to be erotic romance. So I had to add some VERY *not for the faint of heart* sex scenes. That would be the “blue” cover. When I got my rights back, I put the book back to its original heat level. It’s hot, don’t get me wrong (the above mentioned bath tub scene for one….) but it’s not what would be considered erotic romance anymore. It’s sensually hot. This is the “gold” cover and is much more my preference since it’s the way I first wrote it. J

Any new wip (works-in-progress) you are willing to share just a wee bit for readers?

Since my Muse and I are no longer fighting, yes. LOL I am writing a series about the Yukon Gold Rush. I started this over a year ago L The fighting with my Muse made me put the story away (and I wrote Eden’s Sin). But now that we’ve agreed on a plot, what was going to be 1 book titled Alaskan Heat, is now going to be a series titled Alaskan Heat and the books will tentatively be titled: Runaway Hearts, Deceived Hearts, Broken Hearts.

Every muse/writer has addictions. I have several addictions – coffee, dark chocolate, creating, reading and lace – I refuse to give up. What addictions do you refuse to give up and willing to share? What about your muse? Your heroes and heroines?

I’m a sugar addict. I admit it. My favorite….Twinkies and doughnuts. I love Mexican food and could eat that every meal. J I’m also a work-aholic at my day job. I admit that too . LOL I’m very Type A personality which is probably why my Muse and I fight. If she’d just listen to me….(which is what my Muse says too). LOL
My Heroes and heroines sometimes have addictions but usually they are just convicted to what they feel is right. And they are stubborn. I can’t imagine where they get that trait from….

Outside of writing, where does life take you?

Mostly juggling my life . LOL I work with Kim Killion of Killion Group/ Hot Damn Designs. We try to attend several writing conferences each year so I definitely travel in the summer months. We also shoot our own Stock Images so yes, I’m forced to look at hot male models to decide if we want to shoot them. *sigh* LOL And then Hubby and I have 2 daughters – 18 yrs and 12 yrs old – so I’ve usually got some kind of ‘mom’ stuff going on too J

I love working with you and Kim 🙂 Kim’s covers are hot! Jennifer, thank you so much for taking time to tempt us into another era…Anyone who visits your excerpts will NOT be disappointed!

Please follow Jennifer…

‘The Heart of the Light’ – Free Download December 3rd thru December 7th

‘The Heart of the Light’ Free December 3rd thru December 7th – US Amazon Link

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Ancient history once declared the anchor as a symbol of hope, the heart representing love. Both have never stopped reaching out from the past, and the grave, seeking, hoping to tug on the hearts of the present in Maple Grove where betrayal, skeletons, love and a twenty-year old mystery are revealed.

The headmaster, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, misses the touch of his wife and will do anything to fire the nursemaid and bring her back; A young pup falls in love with a woman, who lives as a hermit, yet is drawn to him; the young pup’s father, an attorney, hopes to rekindle the love of the mother of his child, whom he raised alone, never revealing the name of the mother to anyone, including to the mother; a man learns his wife, a women’s advocate, has kept a secret, along with two other women, endangering them all.

Hidden agendas are revealed in every closet in a ‘hipwaders vs heels’ poker game between the men and women, ending like the ‘Maureen O’Hara-John Wayne’ movies with the men protecting and going after the women they love.

Sylvie Fox, Author of Sexy, Spicy Romance, Launches L.A. Nights with a Giveaway – Kindle Paperwhite

Sylvie Fox, author and blogger, launches L.A. Nights with a Kindle paperwhite giveaway…

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Lyrical Press Submission Calls

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi Kay! I’m so thrilled about this portion of our interviews! Thanks for asking me back.

Calisa/Lisa, we have learned there are many hats in the publishing field as an author, reader and blogger. I see you wear the editor hat, as well. What publishing house are you currently with?

I’ve been with Lyrical Press, Inc. for about a year and love working with this house as an editor and an author. I was with a now defunct small epress for a year before that. I’ve been editing publicly, independently for about three years, but overall for longer.

What drew you to become an editor at such a fabulous house?

I love helping new authors and what better way than to help them see their dreams come true? I sold my latest book to LPI and then asked if they were hiring, since I’d just left my other publisher and when not writing I was editing for friends (Where Would You Like You Nipple by Mackenzie Crown is one I was very honored to be a part of), but wanted to be associated with a reliable publisher. They happened to be looking for a couple of editors and LPI and I fit quite nicely we think.

What genres are published?

Almost everything. Just look up our website to make sure what you write fits LPI.

Are all heat levels accepted?

Definitely! We like sweet to erotic, ménage to hetero and everything between. Off the top of my head, I think about the only subgenres we don’t accept right now is NA and steampunk. If there is any other I can look it up.

What catches your eye in a manuscript or query letter?

The writing first. If an author obviously knows their craft, how to apply it and make me keep reading past the third page I get all goose pimply! LOL My philosophy is: If you aren’t willing to do your job before I see it, why should I try after you send it to me? Whether you write in first person or deep third, know your craft. If the writing is solid I will give one hundred ten percent to that ms and the author. I admit I’m tough, picky. Ask my lovely authors. But if it makes their books better for readers, I’ll go the extra distance if they will.

Are you open to unpublished authors?

Absolutely! You don’t need an agent either. Write, edit, edit, edit, polish, get a Beta reader, and then send it to me/us.

I have seen the website and it is awesome!

Thank you! Renee, our publisher just had it all revamped this year to the new and improved site you see, and I love it!

Can you explain the process of working with authors from editing, choosing a cover, publishing to marketing?

I can tell you some of the process that I personally handle. We go through several rounds of content edits, then I send it to a line editor and when I get it back it gets made into a Galley. During this time our artists work their magic on a cover. I usually don’t see a cover unless I go into files to see it or the artist happens to send the copy to me, but that doesn’t always happen. Once we have a cover and the book is released several months have passed, but the author is usually too busy to realize that. At least I hope. Once it’s published our publisher puts it out there in many venues and has several venues our authors have access to, as well. Then the author does their marketing and there’s a book born!

What are you seeking?

Personally, I’d love to see small town USA, or big city stories, different countries are ok, too as long as your ms is ‘Americanized’ per LPI’s house rules. I prefer fantasy, light paranormal and contemporary. I love cowboys, first responders and law enforcement–and these themes will definitely catch my eye (as long as the writing is solid). I will work with most heat levels, but prefer sweet to extra steamy. I don’t take erotica as a rule, no GLBT, or ménage, though other editors at LPI do so don’t let my preference stop you from submitting.

Right now I’m putting out a submission call for first responders; firefighters, EMTs, police, whatever you like, and sassy heroines. Humor? Love it! As long as it’s not a comedy act. Believable humor melts my heart. Always a happy ever after (HEA) ending at LPI. Short story to full length. The first responder may be the heroine or hero as long as one is. Give me excitement, real life action and believable characters and I’m a happy camper. Just remember to do your homework and research everything.

Where can authors find the submission guidelines?

Here and make sure to follow our general submission guidelines.
Be sure you submit to the right editor also if you want someone specific. You can go here and make an informed decision.

How can authors contact you?

You can submit directly to me at or email questions here, as well. Or you can submit to me at submittable: Just make your submission says Attn: Lisa Ridge so I know it’s for me.

Thank you, Calisa/Lisa, for sharing your time with us!

I’ve had a great time, Kay! Thanks again for giving me a chance to play on your site. 
For your readers I’d like to ask what your favorite trope is? Secret babies? Marriage of convenience? Reunion? What is your favorite first responder? I’d love to hear what you like.

Calisa/Lisa, I must confess I am a genre hopper, but if I had to choose, it would be reunions in paranormal/urban fantasy or suspense with lots of attitude and heat  My favorite first responder? That is a tough one…they are all fabulous!!

I enjoyed getting to know you better. I hope you receive many submissions on your wish list!

Thank you 🙂


Editor Bio:
LISA RIDGE lives in beautiful central Oklahoma, USA with her husband of many years, multi-dogs, a spoiled cat, chickens and her horse. It’s no wonder this country girl loves cowboys in her reading and writing. Her kindle is full of books she WILL read one day, along with the mountains in bookshelves around her house.
She’s seen it all and prefers stories with small-town settings in America and abroad, whether contemporary, suspense/mystery, fantasy or light paranormal, small town folks do it for this editor. Send your cowboys, firemen and law enforcement heroes to her. Your wolves, vampires and ghosts, as well. Heat level and length doesn’t matter as long as she has a good, solid story with believable characters and polished writing, wrapped into a unique story idea to sink her editing teeth into.
She doesn’t care for demons, Satanism, or sci-fi.

What Do Rainy Days, Blog Exploration, Marketing and Writing Have in Common?

rain 2Despite my FB page wishing the forecast is not predicting T-storms for the next week…I do love rainy days – Such as sleeping outside on the deck, listening to the sound of the rain, is relaxing and quiets the mind.  It, also, forces me to catch up on writing, blogging and a little exploring on sites for marketing which I thought I would share.

Are you seeking?

-improve your writing

– freelance work

-writing tips

-break into the publishing world

-find your voice again

-know the 2 most important words in blogging

-internet marketing

-how Twitter makes you a better writer

-increase blog traffic

Well…my exploration found a few sites worth checking out, no matter how old, including many articles at your fingertips:

How to Increase Website Traffic by Corey Franco

8 Incredible Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content by Pamela Wilson

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines by Brian Clark

The Top 10 Blogs for Writers by Brian Clark

Enjoy your rainy day!



Happy 4th of July!

Thank you

Today is dedicated to the men and women in all branches of the military…who are serving, have served and have given their lives to protect our country…and to their families…

We thank you!


Calisa Rhose – Part 2 – Uncovers Mondays, Author Advocate and Provides Insight as a Blogger with 21,843 Visitors

HOME_w6568_300Hi, Calisa.  Welcome Back! 

Thanks for asking me back, Kay! I’m excited to be here.

You wear many hats as author, editor and blogger. Which hat did you put on first?  Reader, author, editor or blogger?

That’s a long answer. Like most writers I read a lot growing up, though I began writing stories at about fourteen or so before home computers. I hand wrote everything for years and still do sometimes for the intimacy of the craft. Then I got my first computer but it took me a few years to get brave enough to feel comfortable writing on it. I surfed the web, played on it, if you will, made family blogs that I abandoned shortly after creating. It wasn’t until 2005 that I seriously decided to try writing to publish. During that same period of time I created my first version of Pen of the Dreamer. But I started writing my first submitted book shortly before that.

Your blog has amazing visitor traffic of 21,843 visitors and have won many blog awards…Congratulations!  Obviously, you are such a giving person, talented author and strong advocate for authors, bringing many visitors, but for those who are newbies or veteran bloggers and would love some inside advice, would you be willing to share your experience as a blogger in ways to increase traffic?

Thank you for the kind words, Kay. I absolutely LOVE my blog, which I’ve dubbed the Ranch, being a horse girl and growing up on one. I put a lot of time, probably too much, into the Ranch to make it appealing to visitors and every time I get an email notice that someone new is following it, I get a funny feeling inside. LOL I love helping writers promote and get their name out there because I didn’t have anyone to help me and it took six years for me to get to this point.

How do bloggers increase traffic? Heck if I know! LOL That’s a blog post in itself. J

One thing I can say is–DON’T wait to start a blog a month before your first book is due to release! That, in my opinion, is the biggest mistake writers/bloggers make.

Huge no-no. HUGE.

Why? Because even though you have a book on Amazon, you are still a virtual nobody. No one knows your name–or pen name if you use one. So what, you have a blog. Nobody cares. They look for names they are even the slightest bit familiar with. I began blogging about everything and anything five years before I wrote or sold Home, my novella, to Wild Rose Press. My name was already out there and I had a decent blog following. Unfortunately, I was in the process of rebuilding my blog/website on WordPress so it still took another year to build a new following–even though I had followers, not all followed me to my new cyber home.

What to blog about it the most asked question I’ve heard and I guess it takes posting interesting topics first of all, writing about more than writing. I wrote one blog about a favorite memory–watching NASCAR with my now passed dad. I associated that post to the NASCAR series Harlequin put out, so my name might click in their head when they hear NASCAR these days.

An editor once said that they want to read about an author in more ways than their writing. I add a little something of my personal life to posts now and then.

Host other authors who already have a large following.

The key is to get traffic to your blog and hopefully they will return. Oh–and REPLY TO COMMENTS! As often as possible, let visitors know they aren’t reading a dummy page no one will ever look at.

You have so many helpful pages from free reads, work in progress, links for authors and the series of ‘Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll’ shown on your TOTSD Book Stampede Page…

How did the series develop?  How can a reader get their hands on the series?

Author Alicia Dean asked for Oklahoma writers in our RWA chapter to contribute to this series idea she had. We did and after tossing details around we came up with a Scrimshaw doll that would be featured in every book in some way–from mere mention to main character– and we all set out to write. Home was the first to sell and release, but it is not the first book in the series, that would be Pirate’s Proposal by Diana Layne. That’s one thing I love about it, each book is a stand-alone. You can go to our website to get the whole series titles and links to buy list under the Books and Authors tab.

Can you tell readers and authors more about Wednesday Wrap Up: Attn: Publishers, Agents and Editors?

I thought it might be helpful if writers could interact with the higher echelon of the publishing industry. All my writing life I felt editors, agents and especially publishers were untouchable beings who could make or break a writer with the flick of a red pen. They terrified me, but I need them! Now that I’m an editor and published writer I know this is not the case, but unpublished writers may not. Those higher ups are people just like you and me. So, being in a position these days to reach out to those behind the scenes, I ask them to let me interview them, or just post something that allows readers to participate with them. 

You have made Uncover Monday to post so many beautiful book covers and fantastic book trailers for your fellow authors, to which we truly appreciate…how did this come about?

LOL I got sick and had too much time on my mind! Truly. Last November I got a bad case of the flu and couldn’t do much of anything for a couple of days and my mind went to work overtime. What did you ask me earlier? Oh yes- how to get more traffic to my blog. Well this was my hope of the answer to that.

While under the influence of NyQuill and fever…and desperation, I put the call out on ALL my groups, loops and social avenues for book covers. I made up the call page on my website and it was done. A day later I cried over all the emails pouring in as I tried to make sense of some sort of system. LOL

I never looked back though. In fact, I added to it by including book/author banners and videos a week later. These two, however, aren’t doing as well and if writers don’t send them in, I’ll have to stop promoting banners and videos. I’ve even considered highjacking the awesome ones I’ve seen around the Net, but hesitate to post them without author/owner permission.

So if you write romance and want to promote with me details can be found here: I only ask you to please follow the explicit directions to the letter–and tell everyone you know. Word of mouth is critical to any promotion, no matter how great the idea.

What is your favorite hat to wear?

 The writer, definitely. That’s the only reason I wear any of the other hats. J

What would your readers and followers be interested to know about you?

Nothing. I’m positively boring! Aside from the OCD and shyness. LOL But they’re welcome to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Calisa, it has been an exciting interview!  Thank you so much.  I look forward to the next hat you wear as editor 🙂HOME_w6568_300


Calisa Rhose – Horse Lover, Author Advocate, Author and Editor


I would like to welcome Calisa Rhose to Hipwaders vs Heels…Not only is Calisa a horse lover, an editor and a huge advocate in posting book covers and book trailers for authors on her blog, but she is an author with a new March 4, 2013 release, ‘Risk Factors‘ with Lyrical Press.  I must warn you…once you start reading this book…make sure you have time to finish it in one read… 

Congratulations, Calisa, on your release of ‘Risk Factors’, a contemporary romance! 

Thank you, Kay! I’m very excited about this story. It’s been through the publishing mill before my dear editor read it and loved it.

Vivian Dane, a veterinarian, and Connor McKay, a medi-flight emt, meet right away in a life threatening situation.  What drew your muse to place Vivian and Connor in their career paths? 

 Well, it was supposed to be a medical (for Mills & Boon) so at least one, but preferably both, characters needed a profession in medicine- a path I personally know nothing about. I do, however, know a little something about veterinary medicine. Growing up my sister and I pretty much taught ourselves as much as we could about animal medicine and asked our vets what we didn’t know of the basics. At sixteen I cured my first dog of parvovirus and prior to that we both had treated minor ailments of many animals over the years since we were kids. It seemed natural to let Viv take that role on in RF. I had help from vet friends too. As far as Connor goes- he chose his career and left me to struggle to figure out what it was he did and how. I found a wonderful contact who was more than willing to help me with the technical stuff, having been a medflight nurse for twenty years. She asked me not to give her any credit but she was a source I value for the success in writing this book.

There is a particular scene where Vivian’s hand is placed over a wound and her reaction to human blood makes getting through this a challenge for her.  As writers, we tend to place a little bit of ourselves into our heroes and heroines.  In this particular scene, is this something you can relate to? 

 Not really. I mean, I wanted to be a nurse growing up, but as for her situation- absolutely no connection. I needed her to be in a tough spot to show Connor her vulnerability and I thought it would be fun since she’s a veterinarian if she was squeamish around human blood. Add depth, a puzzle piece to her persona. Hopefully it worked.

What are Vivian’s and Connor’s greatest challenges of their hearts? 

Boy- you ask the tough ones. I’ll do my best to answer without spoilers. LOL

Viv has always been under her daddy’s thumb, but sort of ignored by her parents. It’s her greatest desire to have a family and not worry about what her parents think of her. That’s hard for her, but when she meets Connor hard doesn’t matter.

Connor has been abandoned by almost every woman he’s ever loved so trust is not something he’s able to do, no matter how much he finds himself drawn to Viv. He fights it every step of the way, too.

What does it take to win Vivian and Connor’s heart, to get through the black moments, the barriers of their hearts?

 Well, as with any couple, they have to learn to lean on one another in the hard times and to give part of themselves they normally wouldn’t. It’s the journey that makes them stronger and able to realize they can make it if they stick together.

Did Vivian and Connor fight your muse when she began taking her spin on their creation?

 Not at all. She sat back and let them take the reins, so to speak. They told their story the way they wanted it to be told.

How do you get your creative juices flowing when ‘writer’s block’, as some call it, pop up?  Do you and Sonny Delight, your Quarter Horse, take off for awhile and run with the deer or take an off-beaten trail to let your mind and spirit flow? 

 I wish! I live on three acres, wooded, so not much riding room. But we will be going out to other places this summer. I do like to pamper him while I think though. Brushing a horse is wonderful therapy.

I’d like to stray for a moment for those of us who are horse lovers, how many hands is Sonny Delight? 

 My Sonny Boy is a little over 15 hands, and for those not horse-knowledgeable, that’s pretty tall. One hand is approximately 4½” inches so @67.5 inches at his shoulders, or between 5½ and 6 feet. I’m 5’ so just getting on him is a days’ exercise! LOL

Is Sonny Delight ridden for pleasure only or does he barrel race?  We would love to hear more!

My daughter bought Sonny for me when I first moved back to Oklahoma in 2007. I taught my eight-year-old granddaughter to ride on him when she was only two. If you ask her today, she’ll tell you Sonny is her horse- but she lets me ride him. LOL My niece used him to teach young girls to ride and they took him to the big horse show, NOESHA, where he placed all over (depending on the rider’s ability) from second to fifth place in various categories. In his younger days, before I got him, he took quite a few first place ribbons at western pleasure, English and other categories at the same big show. He’s been used for ranching I was told, English riding and western pleasure.

He’s almost 21 years old now and we only ride for pleasure these days, but we’ve had our fun riding barrels and play days. We’ve taken a decent time on ‘poles’, ‘flags’ and other ‘horsey’ games as well. 

As you can probably tell, I could go on all day about my sweet boy. LOL


I am drooling over these pictures, Calisa!  Thank you for sharing them…I read you write vintage historical and contemporary.  What is the difference, for those unsure of genres and sub-genres, between historical and vintage historical? 

 I don’t actually write vintage, though that’s what Home, my first book, a novella and part of a series called Tales of the Scrimshaw Doll published by The Wild Rose Press (you can find all of these books by various Oklahoma authors here:, is. That was unplanned, but I’m a character-driven writer so when they said they lived in 1967 Vietnam era- who was I to argue? I’ve always been intrigued by that time anyway, so was more than happy to write in the time. So that is my one and only vintage book. I didn’t know the difference between vintage and historical until I wrote Home. I learned historical is any time before 1900(?)and vintage is between then and the not-so-present present, about 1999 or so, I think. I think of vintage as a modern historical.

What is your favorite genre to write? 

My favorite is definitely contemporary, cowboys, first responders, firemen…but I also dabble in paranormal and that’s a lot of fun. 

I was very interested to read you are branching out to include your Cherokee heritage in a wolf shifter series based on legends.  Having found out my maternal side of the family has Cherokee in our bloodlines, I love reading about legends in general.  How did you come up with the series and how much research did you find yourself immersed within the Cherokee legends?  

Hoo boy- Lots! I was sitting around one night and this green-eyed man began talking to me and told me his name was Logan Gray, as in gray wolf. It went from there and was coming together as one book about a band of Cherokee Indians who were cursed long ago. I began looking up curses first, then talked to my brother and he gave me some other legends to explore about flying creatures who steal hearts of the sick and dying without being visible to any but the medicine man. That was the only being they feared in their sigili form because if he saw them they would die. If anyone else recognized them for what they truly were while in their human form they would die within seven days.

To top it off, while I was researching these beings of Cherokee lore PC Cast came out with her vampire YA series House of Night in which she incorporates a totally different version of sigilis. I was floored we both came up with these things around the same time–though she published first. Not that my series is anything like hers, but it was interesting. And her series is fantastic! I’ve almost read them all finally.

The research became overwhelming at times. I discovered early on that I wouldn’t be able to use everything I read! LOL

But it was one book and then a critique partner suggested I make it a series when one of the secondary characters continued trying to take over. I gave in and gave Logan’s younger brother Jon his own story. There are three brothers and a few bandmates who want their stories told now, and I’m still trying to figure out how to split one book into many. See, originally my single heroine had various gifts that must now be shared with several heroines to make the series work. It’s a challenge.

If it’s ok, I’ll share the blurb for ‘Risk Factors’.

Most definitely, Calisa!

Risk Factors400x600

Tagline: Love, like life, is not without risk.


Veterinarian Vivian Dane has purchased her uncle’s practice in the tiny town of Wales, Missouri, where most residents still doubt her ability to treat their pets. But Viv is used to being considered less-worthy than her predecessors. After all, her parents are world-renowned wildlife vets, and most everyone is unimpressed she’s chosen to not follow directly in their footsteps.

Now Connor, a patient’s owner, is hot for Viv, but clearly doesn’t think she’s dating material because he has a daughter…who he believes no woman is good enough for. Being a perfect dad is EMT paramedic Connor’s life focus. He can’t seem to stay away from sexy Doctor Viv, but attraction is as far as he’ll ever let it go. His mother abandoned him, leaving him to be raised in the foster system, and then his wife abandoned both him and their daughter. He absolutely will not risk bringing another woman into his little girl’s life and having her feel the hurt of being left…again. Forfeiting is easier than attempting and failing. So why does Viv feel compelled to prove she’s a sure bet for Connor and his daughter? Can Connor trust Viv–and himself–enough to play the possibilities?




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Author Bio:

Calisa Rhose is an Okie, born and bred, through and through, and proud of it. While growing up, when she wasn’t on the back of a horse, she could be found with pen and paper in hand. Her writing career began with poetry in her younger days. Then she discovered Rock-n-Roll and cute musicians. Poetry turned into stories of romance and dreams. These days she lives with the same man who convinced her to take a romantic journey with him almost 30 years ago. After raising three strong daughters she spends her days loving their granddaughters, hoping for a boy someday, and writing. When she’s not writing, you can find Calisa putting on her editor hat and working to help other published and aspiring writers.

She is working on more projects with her favored contemporary cowboys, first responders  and firemen, as well as, the occasional ‘other’ heroes- and their sexy female counterparts, those sassy, stubborn heroines.

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