The Wings of a Child

Wings : wings feather on blue background The moment our children come into this world, we count our blessings, guide them, hoping they will be safe forever, knowing one day, they will strike out on their own. 

To experience life’s dreams and milestones. 

To spread their wings and fly. 

Wings : wings feather on blue background Yet, some children are not given the chance.  Many hands reach out to protect a child, but when certain adult individuals in a position of power can help the child, who is bullied, present barriers by extending themself as little as possible in the investigation or not holding individuals accountable for their bullying – that individual becomes just as guilty as the person inflicting the pain and should be held accountable.

It takes one person, then another, and another, to stand strong against obstacles in adding safety nets to protect a child’s right to be free from mental, physical, ethnic, financial and spiritual bullying.

Wings : wings feather on blue background Hearts go out to these and other children whose wings never received the opportunity to fly…Every child deserves to be remembered everyday and I would like to take a moment in remembering, my intent is not to exclude a name, hoping you will add more children to this list…

Bailey O’Neill, Megan Meier, Alexis Pilkington, Ryan Halligan, Phoebe Prince, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover,Sladjana Vidovic, Eric Mohat, Meredith Rezak, Justin Rezak, Matthew Rezak, Jennifer Eyring, Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, Asher Brown, Billy Lucas, Nicholas Kelo Jr., Hope Witsell, Hailey Petee, Rachel Ehmke,