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Drum Roll, Please…

Last week I posted my ‘HFO’s’ in what I refuse to give up in life and a chance to enter a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card by guessing what ‘HFO’ stood for in my blog…

I would like to thank everyone for these awesome lmao answers…

-Hands Free Orgasm

-Holy F#*king Ouch!

-Hands F’ing Off

-Hell Freezing Over

Drum Roll, Please…

Laurie, Tara, Virginia, Mary Jean and Harley, you girls, guessed it right – Hell Freezing over!  Your names will be entered in tonight’s drawing for the $10 Amazon gift card. 


What is Your HFO Moment?

What does HFO stand for?  <grin> Read on!

For those who email me with the correct answer on what ‘HFO’ stands for to, beginning 2/6/13 and ending midnight on 2/12/13, your name will be entered for a drawing of a $10 Amazon gift card.  The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day and a list of those entered for the drawing will appear on my blog on 2/13/13.

There comes a day when we have all said ‘HFO’.  These are some of my HFO’s on what I refuse to give up in life…


-Sell a human being out

-My lace <grin> for me to know

-Bold coffee that kicks my ass (and tastebuds) in gear each morning 

-Eye candy now and then (Shhh…this is my little secret as my son already has a problem with me shopping at VS and other stores – how does he know? lol He does laundry now and then.)

-Fighting for what I believe in

-My portable soapbox on human rights and advocating for others 

-Girl time

-Family/friends time


-Being me


Hope your HFO’s are fun and steadfast! 

Kay Rogal