Cougar Alert!

Taming the Cougar by Cree WalkerI am normally not a reader who will pick up a book written in first person – until I came across her ‘Whisper on a Scream’.  

Have you ever been sucked into a moment against your will, but you love it at the same time and go after more?  

Cree is one of those authors – she writes with humor, attitude and has a way of delivering to all of my senses.

‘Taming the Cougar’ is a delicious teaser… 

Lynn’s senses can’t ignore her attraction for the mason, John, putting the foundation under her home.  The only catch, in her mind, after being caught staring out the window, assessing her *assets* in the mirror and the way he checks her out, she’s a little older than him.  John is hot, sexy and makes every move so she can’t ignore him or the heat between them.  John doesn’t care about age – it runs in his family.  In fact, he believes it is a proven fact being with an older woman only enhances the relationship, making it stronger.  He is not about to let a little barrier of age stop them from falling in love and exploring the heat.

The fact that Cree has John doing the ‘hunting’ is a plus for me, but that’s my personal preference.  Cree’s other characters add a touch of real life – from her wild child friend, Samantha, who does whatever she wants in life and accidentally drops a box of *toys* in front of the house and Lynn dives to scoop them up before her mother’s friend from church doesn’t see them; John’s dog, Oreo, later finds one of Samantha’s toys and runs with it; Lynn takes it away, realizing it’s too late and her mother’s friend sees what’s in her hand,   

I know reviews should be very real to be fair to other readers, and I never schmooze, the only disappointments I have is not having enough time with John and Lynn and being impatient until her next book comes out.

‘Taming the Cougar’ is a 5 in my book.



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