What is Your HFO Moment?

What does HFO stand for?  <grin> Read on!

For those who email me with the correct answer on what ‘HFO’ stands for to hipwadersvsheels@yahoo.com, beginning 2/6/13 and ending midnight on 2/12/13, your name will be entered for a drawing of a $10 Amazon gift card.  The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day and a list of those entered for the drawing will appear on my blog on 2/13/13.

There comes a day when we have all said ‘HFO’.  These are some of my HFO’s on what I refuse to give up in life…


-Sell a human being out

-My lace <grin> for me to know

-Bold coffee that kicks my ass (and tastebuds) in gear each morning 

-Eye candy now and then (Shhh…this is my little secret as my son already has a problem with me shopping at VS and other stores – how does he know? lol He does laundry now and then.)

-Fighting for what I believe in

-My portable soapbox on human rights and advocating for others 

-Girl time

-Family/friends time


-Being me


Hope your HFO’s are fun and steadfast! 

Kay Rogal


6 thoughts on “What is Your HFO Moment?

    • Ines & Tara,

      Picture your heroines being odered by the evil villain to stop loving her man…would you say….Sure, sweetheart….or does she put her hands on her hips and have fire in her eyes, saying, “HFO (the words to these letters spelled out) before I stop loving my man!”

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