The Other Side of Feminity & What Every Woman Should Try Once

It’s amazing what we find on the other side of our feminity.  I found these by chance…

* I ran out of my girly shampoo and reluctantly used my son’s ‘Men’s Suave 3-1 Citrus Rush‘ and found a tiny little secret kept from us girls – it softens hair so much better than our girly stuff and the other two uses listed work great, too.  I kept forgetting to buy more of my shampoo and indulged a little longer, hoping my son wouldn’t notice my secret <grin>

It didn’t last long, I was given strict orders not to ever touch, pointing out there was another bottle of my stuff under the cabinet. 

Hmmm…I wonder where that came from?

* It was Christmas time, and as my son opened his ‘Elite‘ basketball/football socks, I wondered why he and the other guys find these products so *hot* and sell out out quickly.  I’ve been told if there are none clean, the guys will grab a dirty pair over regular socks.  I put on a pair of his socks, much to my son’s horror, and found a little bit of heaven.  What I found may not be their reasons for putting them on their Christmas list, but my feet were massaged and cushioned for a total of 30 seconds…can’t imagine why it didn’t last longer 🙂

As I find these ‘by chance’…I will pass them on! 

What have you found by chance by either side?

Kay Rogal


4 thoughts on “The Other Side of Feminity & What Every Woman Should Try Once

  1. I’m terrible. I use my husband’s stuff too. Love it. I love this pomegranate body wash but when it runs out, I grab his bottle of men’s body wash/shampoo combo and wash my hair occasionally with it too. Can’t do it too often or my hair frizzes, but it’s a nice change.

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