Christmas is the Time of Year to Make Miracles

     Christmas is a special time of the year in remembering what is most important…The heart of humanity…the mother and child living under a bridge, no food, shelter or family…A father out of work and his family’s only home is being taken away and they have no place to go…A child in need ignored, because some unwilling to become involved…An elderly person sitting in the nursing home feeling lonely and unloved…A teenager fighting to be included and accepted for who he is…A child bullied…A family losing a loved one who fought for our country…An adult or child with disabilities is ignored, because some perceive them as different…

     God gave His only begotten son for our miracle. 

     So, I am hoping we can take time to look into our hearts to see where others could use a miracle or two of their own through us.

     Here is one of many of ‘Teddie’s Christmas Miracles’

     I am a firm believer in prayers and hope.  May you and your family have safe travels while Christmas shopping and visiting loved ones.

    Kay Rogal


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